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TS Building Supply can also install most of the products we sell through our installation company called TS Exterior Solutions, LLC.  As with all of our products the installation will be done with the utmost quality.  

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About Us 

We are a family owned retail building supply that sells excellent quality & high end millwork, doors, windows, hardware and siding to builders and remodelers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.


TS Building Supply has developed a market niche servicing the high end new construction luxury home builders. We currently sell windows, patio doors, interior and exterior doors and interior millwork focusing on the luxury new construction market segment.  Our product offering focuses on exceptional products, coupled with exceptional service.


TS Building Supply is very well known in the industry, highly motivated, detailed, and has great interest focusing on the high end of the Twin Cities market. With our twenty years experience in the industry, we provide a great quality of work for all of our customers.

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